Thursday, November 10, 2011

Next steps

Well, the salesman who signed me up for the solar program indicated that it should be installed by the end of the year. I am not sure if this is realistic, and it appears that I shouldn't get my hopes up. After signing the paperwork with Real Goods Solar on October 31, I received an e-mail this week with the next steps. This document shows 3 phases that should last 16 weeks, which would put completion sometime in February.

Phase 1 (Pre Construction Phase) is shown as lasting 8 weeks. This includes processing the paperwork and introducing the operations team to me. I assume this part is now done, as I have had calls from 3 different members of the operations team. Next is the submitting of rebate forms to the state (approval takes 3-6 weeks). The site tech visit to the house to verify measurements is scheduled for next Tuesday. Following that is finishing the drawings and obtaining the building permits. Only then is installation date determined.

Phase 2 is the construction phase. It is shown as being week 9. Installation takes 1-5 days.

Phase 3 is post construction phase. Weeks 10-16. This includes the inspections by the local building department (can take up to 2 weeks) followed by system interconnection with PG&E which can take up to 6 weeks! I assume I don't get any benefits from the system until this is done. During this phase they also send me the owners manual and final packet (why don't they just leave them with me after the construction?) and then Real Goods gets the state rebate. Why do I care when they get the rebate? It doesn't seem to impact me at all. I guess they didn't want me to think they forgot?

Anyway, we will see how the site visit by the tech goes next week.

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