Wednesday, September 26, 2012

August update

When I first started tracking my solar production, I was looking multiple times a day at how the panels were doing.  This was back in March.  Now, I check once a month or so.  Not sure if that is because I am so busy at work, or because the newness has worn off.

Anyway, the numbers for August are in (and have been for a few weeks).  I finally got around to seeing how I did.  My bill from PG&E was $205 for the month.  Total usage was 1330 KWh, with an additional 814.92 KWh coming from the panels.  Had I not had the solar panels, my cost would have been $562.  Even with the medical allowance, it would only have gone down to $410.  So, my savings for the month were significant, over $350 for the month.

However, according to the projections, my generation was supposed to be 863 KWh.  I am still about 10% below the production target for the year.  We will see how this trend continues.  So far, April was the only month I was close to the target production, and I have never met, let alone exceeded the target.