Monday, June 4, 2012

Real Goods makes good

I posted about all the issues I had prior to getting solar system installed.  I have talked with several customer service reps and managers at Real Goods, going over the problems, and all apologized and told me it would be corrected.  I few weeks ago, I received a call from Ben, who is an operations Manager at Real goods.  He once again apologized, and offered me a "virtual installation".  I had never heard of the that, but he explained that they would pretend my system got installed on the original date, and send me a check for the amount I would have saved on my PG&E bill for the delays.  It sounded great.  I am not sure how they calculated the amount, but when they came up with $600, I decided not to dig any deeper.  It took a few weeks, but on Saturday, the check arrived.  So, now my net cost for the system is no longer $0, it has gone down to -$600!

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