Wednesday, October 24, 2012

September update

Well, I am still a month behind.  October is nearly over and I am just getting time to write up how things went in September.  My total bill for September was $152, with usage at 1,023 KWh.  Solar generation was 754 KWh.  Last year, for the same total energy usage, my bill would have been $443.  So, a savings of $291.  Of course, had I had the medical allowance and the TOU billing, my bill would have been only $214, leaving a $62 savings for the solar alone, but that is an unfair comparison.  My effective rate from PG&E wasjust 14.9 cents per KWh.  When I add in the free solar, it lowers the effective rate per KWh to just 8.5 cents per KWh.  My effective rates per KWh last year were over 30 cents per KWh.

As for total solar generation last month, it was just 689.67 vs an expected generation of 735 KWh.  Total generation is now almost 1000 KWh under what was projected.

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